Sasan Gir , India

Aramness Gir

Architects : Nicholas Plewman Architects
Interior Designers : Fox Browne Creative
Operator : Aramness

A luxury lodge on a former working farm that embraces the local village vernacular and integrates itself into the established cultural fabric of the area.

“That man and wildlife have coexisted peacefully here for thousands of years were of great inspiration, manifesting in a beautiful synthesis that gave rise to our design narrative. We wanted the property to feel as though it could have been here for decades, nestled between teak forest and national park.”

The layout for the kothis [named after the local term for village homes] takes its language directly from the nearby villages, with a more haphazard arrangement that fringe a series of meandering streets

It was important that the site should maintain its integrity as a working farm at the same time as creating a sense of wilderness. The blending of built structures, natural landscape and the working farm is seamless and organic; not only blurred but enmeshed. The focus was on the integration of both farming and conservation to create a symbiotic relationship with a luxury lodge that creates deep connections to the local culture. This will thus ensure that the conservation of both culture and wildlife in the region is truly sustainable in the long term.

Photographer : Dook Clunies