Tucked into the Borana Conservancy, Kenya, this private residence blends in seamlessly to its landscape. Arranged around an open central courtyard, the arched colonnade surround is a nostalgic threshold between the inside and outside spaces, partly being sculpted into its surroundings.

Combining contemporary re-interpreted elements such as large Crittall glazing with Swahili curves, the design becomes reminiscent of its surrounding context. Landscaped roofs have a dual purpose of cooling the building in the Kenyan climate as well as creating a minimally invasive footprint on the environment.

Location: Borana, Kenya
Interior Designers: LIFE Grand design
Operator: Private


Rooted on a cliff at Kilifi, Sirai Beach house is a private residence designed around a series of inter leading courtyards, anchored around ancient Baobab trees. The hierarchy of spaces are arranged to allow for uninterrupted and multiple views of the Kenyan coast and Indian Ocean.

The material choices were informed from the local vernacular use of Coral stone, Lamu plaster, and Makuti thatch. The large openable covered verandas to cater for lounge space and allow for the cooling sea breeze to flow through and reach all areas.

Location: Kilifi, Kenya
Interior Designers: Fox Browne Creative
Operator: Private


Inspired by the rolling hills of Rwanda and the thatched design of the King’s Palace at Nyanza, Bisate sits woven between the lush growths adjacent to Volcanoes National Park.

Bisate reflects the innate organic culture of Rwanda and reflects sophisticated spaces around every turn. Craftily designed the spherical rooms and public areas add bespoke and sustainable solutions to the intricate and difficult surroundings.

Location: Verunga, Rwanda
Interior Designers: Artichoke
Operator: Wilderness Safari


A design which is well grounded and gives credit to the Waterberg through its material choices.

The residence nurtures a sense of escapism to nature with its seamless flow between external and internal spaces. Luxuriously spacious areas give the clients unparalleled vistas of the Waterberg even when inside.

Location: Waterberg, South Africa
Interior Designers: Fox Browne Creative
Operator: Private


Located on a high rocky ridge, Jabali offers an undisturbed view of the Ruaha National Park in Tanzania. Jabali embodies the raw environment through elegant design, creating a unique contrast which enhances the beauty of both the building and the environment.

Location: Ruaha, Tanzania
Interior Designers: Artichoke
Operator: Asilia Africa

Nicholas Plewman Architects